Painting the Dramatic Figure with Steven Assael

March 20-24, 2019

Image copyright Steven Assael

Image copyright Steven Assael

This workshop will focus on painting the emotive figure with a particular focus on exploring by way of color and form. Steven will discuss both an analytical and emotive approach to painting the human figure with an emphasis on color and value relationships in a related atmosphere. The class will consist of a single long pose in both cool and warm light. The development of form through an observation and interpretation of plane shifts projecting and receding from the eye will be stressed. Aspects of anatomy, proportion and movement will be discussed along with the development of an Alla Prima technique, which involves both scumbling and glazing. The course will involve lectures, demos and critiques on a daily basis.

Registration is $650.00. Full payment due at time of registration. No refund After February 28th. Payment can be sent via check to our studio.

Workshop takes place in GACA’s studio, located in the Pierce Arrow Building, (4814 Washington Blvd, Suite 322 St. Louis, MO.)

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